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Integration Consulting Services

All businesses today have some form of integration as no one service or product can do everything, or provide all of the services needed. Our goal is to help make any integration as seamless and automated as possible so as to reduce its long term care and feeding.

We can assist with or drive the research, analysis, evaluation of services that match your specific needs today, and will grow with you the future. We can also assist with integrations to and from these systems and legacy systems.

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Business Process Integrations

We have evaluated and deployed many different software services to integrate with and improve business processes for small and medium businesses. Adding a service to streamline and centralize communication to get and keep team members on the same page, integrating or adding online payment systems, and adding better analytics to quantify how your business is performing. 

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Shared Calendars and Project Management Software

We can help you find a good functional cost effective solution that fits your business model, and get it deployed for you. These solutions can greatly improve everyone’s view of your ongoing projects what is due next and alert or remind team members of upcoming tasks. They provide the business owner with a clear view across all projects.

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Online Payment

We have evaluated, configured, and integrated online payment systems and services​ to web sites for listing services, service registrations, and online product payment solutions. We have also added support for auto-deployment once payment are processed streamlining and automating the steps needed to bring on new customers.

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Website Analysis and Usage Software

Adding more advanced analytics (beyond Google Analytics) can reveal details and patterns you never knew existed about how your customers interact with your service or site. These tools let you accurately quantify how your product or service is actually used or determine the impact of a new feature; removing the guesswork and speculation. Adding these services lets you quantify how your marketing efforts and or new product features are actually being used and working.

Augmenting Products and Services

We have knowledge and experience integrating numerous third party services to augment SaaS deployments for internal use or to extend services for your customers. If you have a SaaS solution or website in place and are looking to extend its capabilities give us a call and we can share our knowledge and expertise.

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CRM Systems

We have designed and developed CRM products as well as CRM integration with supporting services. We have evaluated and setup integration platforms (i.e., engines) to replicate or sync data between CRM systems and other software products.

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Marketing Automation Software and Services

We have evaluated and integrated email platforms into marketing automation systems. We have integrated third party email testing and evaluation tools for use prior to sending bulk email. We have integrated CRM systems to pull and update Lead and Contact data for use in marketing automation campaigns.

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Service Desk Software

We have experience designing and developing Service Desk products as well as integrating supporting services like alerting and reporting products.

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Bulk Email and Bulk SMS Software

We have evaluated many bulk email providers and integrated bulk email software for B2B marketing platforms to support sending bulk email to existing customers and subscribers. We have evaluated and integrated SMS services into web sites to facilitate sending bulk SMS messages (text messages) to subscribers and members.

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Integration Frameworks

Keeping your data in sync with other systems is critical to the success of your business. We can design, build, and deploy integration frameworks for one-time data transfers, scheduled updates, and on-demand transfers in real-time.

What do you need today, and what do you want in the future?

Take Advantage of Our Free Consultation!
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