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Business Software Consulting Services

Whether you're researching what business software makes sense for your business, or already using business software; if you need another set of eyes or technology consultants experience; let us help as we have over 30 years experience in the business software development space.

We have hands-on design, development, deployment, and project management experience with many SaaS Business Software products and services; as well as integrations with all of these systems. We can assist with or drive the research, analysis, evaluation of services that match your specific needs today (functionality, technology, architecture, and price), and will grow with you in the future. We can also assist with integrations to and from these systems and legacy systems.

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SaaS Applications

We have in depth knowledge and experience designing, developing, deploying, and integrating with multiple SaaS product offerings, and have evaluated multiple vendors in the CRM, Marketing Automation, Service Desk, and Bulk Email spaces. Our background in software development will help you learn more about the capabilities of these products. Whether you are starting to investigate a SaaS solution or want to extend a solution you already have, we can likely help. Give us a call and let's talk.

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CRM Consulting

We have designed, developed, and deployed CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software as well as evaluating many different vendors in this space. We have worked closely with Marketing and Sales organizations while building software solutions for them. We have also integrated a variety of software and services via custom software to CRM solutions.

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Marketing Automation Consulting

We have designed, developed, and deployed Marketing Automation platforms as well as evaluating vendors in this space. We have also integrated bulk email systems with a variety of software and services for these platforms.

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Service Desk Consulting

We have designed, developed, and deployed Help Desk software as well as evaluating vendors in this space. We have also integrated a variety of software and services with these platforms.

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Bulk Email and Bulk SMS Consulting

We have evaluated, configured, and integrated multiple bulk email and SMS services (text messages) to augment solutions or enhance customer service.​​

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Build vs. Buy Evaluations

We have provided many product and technology evaluations to add functionality or enhance services. In many cases these evaluations were done in conjunction with a build vs. buy analysis comparing the cost of building the service in-house and weighing the long and short term costs of each approach. Build vs. Buy decisions need to include the ongoing in-house cost to support and extend services, both in terms of staff expertise and time.


We also have experience with company acquisitions evaluating technology, architecture, teams, and product fit; from both the acquirer and acquiree side.

What do you need today, and what do you want in the future?

Take Advantage of Our Free Consultation!
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