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Recent Projects

Re-Designed Website - Fins & Feathers Fishing Guides

Long Time local Fishing Guide Service and Tackle Shop needed an updated look for their website, but also had to be easy to manage changes.

  • Created new website using some existing images, and some new stock and location images for where guide trips are run.

  • Restructured their site to make navigation and finding information easier, made the site responsive to better support mobile and tablets.

  • Structured site so that prices are updated in a single places and automatically reflected across the site.

  • Added new pages and content for Local Tournaments, and Weather conditions where they run guide services.

Re-Designed Website - Emerald Estates Water Association

Local Water Association needed to refresh their website and make it easier for them to manage moving forward. They wanted a more modern feel, mobile support, and they needed https support.

  • Created new website using existing images from their collection as they wanted a the site to have a local community feel, and not use stock images. 

  • Restructured their site to make navigation and finding information easier for the association members.

  • Added member login capability so that association members can view association and member private data (e.g., meter readings, board meeting minutes, etc.)

  • Added services that simplify uploading meeting minutes, water quality reports so they do not need to go into the web building platform. 

New Website - Trolling Solutions

Established local business needed a new website. They had let the old one expire and needed a new simple clean look to advertise their services.

  • Created new website using some existing images, and some we provided.

  • Had them gather many images they had from past installations to use in their Gallery of past projects.

  • Spoke with the owner to understand how and when the business started, and their existing reseller and installation certifications.

  • Created pages to advertise their servicers and the products they resell.

  • Based on conversations with the owner we created an FAQ page that included tips on the best way to safely catch and release fish.

Newly established Lutheran Church wanted a website that projected the image and practices they follow. Iterated on site design with church leaders to capture the feel and imagery they were after.

  • Provided them access to take over editing some content.

  • Added secure pages that allow them to easily upload newly published content (e.g., sermons, podcasts, articles, etc.) without having to log into and understand the Wix editor and storage model.

  • Provide communication mechanism with members via calendar and membership.

Local Landscape Design Company needed a website but they did not have the time to do it themselves. They wanted a website they could update in the future. TruSeasons had an good idea of the style of site they wanted so we worked with them to create their own unique look and feel based on their vision.

  • Worked with TruSeasons to define and refine the services and messaging for the landscape services they provide.

  • Recently updated site to adjust service offerings to eliminate some areas and introduce new services and areas of focus across the entire site.

  • Provided guidance on steps they could take to build and improve site rankings.

Re-Designed Website - Rathdrum Chamber of Commerce

Migrated WordPress site to SquareSpace based site and integrated with the Chamber Master SaaS platform. The Rathdrum Chamber wanted a templated based website so they can easily make edits themselves; and eliminate the ongoing cost of paying for a developer to manage, maintain, and update a WordPress based site.

  • Identify templated based site builder that would work with ChamberMaster Software.

  • Customize template that fit the look and feel they wanted.

  • Added new functionality not present on the previous website. 

  • Analyzed previous site layout for usability and SEO value; provided an overview of existing issues, what could be improved, and recommended a new website structure.

Re-Designed Website - The MacPherson Group, LLC

Migrated WordPress to Wix website and enhanced its functionality, content, and organization. Worked with the principals to get a design they liked where they can easily go in and make edits and additions. They wanted to eliminate the ongoing time and headaches of maintaining WordPress to keep it current and secure.

  • Analyzed previous site layout for usability and SEO value; provided an overview of existing issues, what could be improved, and recommended a new website structure.

  • Provided more efficient content design for SEO that would also allow the owners to update and add new content themselves.

  • Added online payment capabilities and automated some frequent processes to speed responses to clients and eliminate human error.

Build vs. Buy Vendor Evaluation - Healthcare Provider

Provided Build vs. Buy and CRM Vendor analysis and input. Worked with the Marketing, Customer Success, and Engineering departments to quickly come up to speed on their market, product requirements, road-map, architecture requirements, and technology dependencies for the evaluation.

  • Provided independent technical, architectural, and product input based on past experiences to management and the evaluation team.

  • Assisted with communication between the Service and Engineering organizations cross translating dependencies and concerns.

  • Provided insights from past experiences negotiating with these vendors, as well as integration, deployment, cost and resource considerations.

Local Excavation company needed a website but they were not comfortable with the technology aspects of what was required.

  • Designed, built and published website on all relevant business directories

  • Provided links to BBB, and other rating services.

  • Provided guidance on steps they could take to continue to improve site ranking etc.

Shared Calendar / Project Scheduling - Design Center

Researched and provided recommendation for shared calendar scheduling software;  scheduling, tracking and project progress to be used by a distributed team.

  • The solution needed to be simple to setup, manage, and inexpensive for the owner.

  • Easy for the Designers to learn, and quick and secure for sub-contractors to access via their smart phones.

Re-Designed Website - Garwood Water Co-op

Local Water Cooperative needed upgrades and more capabilities from their website to better serve their members. We provided a more modern and responsive website for existing members, and potential new members to quickly find the information they need.

  • Added secure member signup and access to documents, meeting minutes, etc.

  • Added simple mechanism for Board members to publish member only documents.

  • Added mechanism for Board members to post Alert messages on home page.

  • Added mechanism for Board members to send Text Alert messages to all members regarding water issues, meetings etc., supports zone specific messaging.

  • Obtained free hosting as the Co-op is a registered non-profit.

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