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Our goal is to help you grow your business and empower you to manage the technology aspects of your business. We will work with you to understand your business, target market, and the style you want for your site. How much time you want to spend managing and updating your site in the future, and build or modify your site to match your needs. The look and feel of your site is one part, but your site also needs to support the functionality your business requires or services you sell. We will do the technical stuff to get on a path to rank high in search results so customers can find you.

Look and Feel

What is the feel of your business? A yoga studio, a legal firm, or construction website all have a different feel. You need to consider who your site is built for and whom you are trying to attract. A site should reflect your business style and services offering, and it must provide a responsive (mobile friendly) web design working equally well on mobile, tablets, and browsers.

  • Is your audience primarily younger mobile phone centric, retired and computer focused; a hybrid of the two?

  • Is your site a vehicle to share information with the community or your members?

  • Are you a selling products and services only online, only at your storefront, both?

  • Do you want to advertise and offer discounts or coupons to attract customers?

  • Is your business a registered non-profit and you want to try get discounts on hosting etc.?

All of the pages and information provided on your site need to clearly articulate your products and services; a user friendly website feels consistent and inviting so potential customers want to look and come back again. You should connect to your social media accounts, if you don't have any let's create a couple of accounts that make sense to drive traffic from social media to your site. These are few of the elements that matter to how your site represents and attracts your customers. The visuals (pictures videos), colors, fonts, and layouts all affect the style and feel of your site and brand.


Getting a design that reflects your business is a great start, but many sites need some form of additional website functionality. Your site may only need simple things like text alerts when a prospective customer makes an inquiry; to more complex online stores and online payment systems. Any functionality should be feel like a natural part of your site. We have designed in, and added a variety of functionality to websites to augment their basic appearance.

  • Does your business need an online store and payment system?

  • Does your website need to integrate with accounting, project-tracking, calendaring, etc. software?

  • Is your staff non-technical and you need an ultra-simple way to make updates and edits?

These are a few examples of functionality that your site may require, the possibilities are endless. If you have other ideas or needs for your site contact us and let’s talk about what you are looking to accomplish.

SEO - Keywords and a Plan

Your website SEO requires well organized relevant content, using solid keywords applied throughout. You also need many other external references to boost your sites visibility; these need to be quality business references that accurately reflect and reinforce what your site shows. We will audit what you have, and or help you get these in place, and provide a plan for additional references to be created. Just having a good site isn’t enough you need many quality references to your site. This doesn’t happen overnight, but with a simple plan it can build up overtime and get you a solid site ranking.

  • Embrace a solid keyword strategy focusing on common and long tail keywords

  • Social marketing strategy for building traffic and references

  • Good business and social references

What do you need today, and what do you want in the future?

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