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Case Study

Provide detailed customer product usage of SaaS product


The Need

The company needed more visibility into how customers really used their SaaS product, what features were commonly used, infrequently used, etc. When new features were introduced what was their adoption rate, did customers successfully use the features? What time of day did users access the SaaS services? When did customers commonly schedule or use specific functionality in the product? Perceptions across the company varied as to the importance and actual value for different features, based on each employee’s perceptions of how customers used the product. All of the existing information was speculative.


The Variables

There was currently no true visibility to how the product was used, when, how many users used the product concurrently, etc.


The Solution

Researched and found a 3rd party service provider that had a product that could facilitate the information the company needed with some minor integration into the existing SaaS product. Defined and categorized the touch points and integrated their service. The result was almost real-time visibility into who used what functionality by account, or across all accounts. Reports could be scheduled or done ad-hoc to determine all of the information the company needed. The new functionality was also extended to the support organization to provide them visibility to customer usage for support calls and support services. Product Managers found the information invaluable in ranking future features, and evaluating the acceptance and ROI of new features.

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